Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dick Bruna!

Today, Dick Bruna, the father of Nijntje is celebrating his 86th birthday!

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Dick Bruna is a well-known illustrator and author of children's books. He has won many awards for his book and his books have been translated into 40 languages. His books are popular all over the world, especially in Japan.

The best-known character of his books is Miffy or Nijntje, her original name. The story of Nijntje began in 1955 when Dick Bruna and his family was on a holiday in Egmond aan Zee (North Holland). During their holiday there was a white rabbit roaming around their vacation house. Every evening during their holiday, Dick Bruna had been telling stories about this white rabbit to his young son. He had been inspired by this white rabbit and started illustrating a female little rabbit in a dress. He named his creation Nijntje. Konijn is a Dutch word for rabbit. A diminutive form of konijn in Dutch is konijn-tje. Dick Bruna derived the name Nijntje from konijntje which means "Little Rabbit".

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Dick Bruna's books are known for its simple illustrations. His artworks are composed of thick lines, simple shapes and primary colors. The books are very colorful. The stories are written simple that the children can understand it and the lines are usually in rhymes. His books are really ideal for children. The Dutch version of his book is also very helpful to people who want to learn Dutch.

Nijntje got her first TV show in 1992. It is still airing now. The Central Museum in Utrecht opened in 2006 a permanent exhibition for Dick Bruna, which is one of the tourist destinations in Utrecht, especially for kids. Last year, Nijntje got her first movie. (Miffy the Movie).

Dick Bruna is now 86 years old and he is still working in his studio in Utrecht. My parents-in-law always say that if ever I want to see Dick Bruna to have an autograph. I have to wait along the street in the morning, because he often rides a bicycle to work. How I wish I could see him in person and get his autograph. If that happens, it would be a dream come true.

I still want to greet Dick Bruna on his birthday and wish him good health, so he can still write more educational books for children!

Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd, de heer Bruna!

Dick Bruna Huis
Agnietenstraat 2
3512 XB Utrecht

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