Friday, April 12, 2013

Tercentennial Peace of Utrecht

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Yesterday evening, Queen Beatrix together with the soon-to-be king and queen, Prince Alexander and Princess Maxima opened the 300th anniversary of the Peace of Utrecht. Queen Beatrix opened the festivity by turning on the light of the highest architecture in Utrecht, the Domtoren.

The City Mayor, Aleid Wolfsen gave the introduction and thanked Queen Beatrix for visiting the city for the last time as the Queen of Orange. After what the City Mayor said, the crowd gave Queen Beatrix a round of applause and after a while people sang in chorus, "Bea, bedankt!...Bea, bedankt...." (Bea, thanks!...Bea, thanks). It was really informal to address the queen, but it was really wonderful to hear. It shows why Holland is truly one of a kind.

Before the Opening

Before the opening ceremony, the majesties attended the Perpetual Concert in the Dom church. Janine Jansen, a popular violist, together with her father as the pianist, played a piece of George Friedrich Handel and William Croft. Janine Jansen is a pride of Utrecht. An orchestra was also present.

The Treaty of Utrecht

The Peace of Utrecht brought an end to the war in Europe. It comprises a series of treaties between France and other European parties, Spain and other countries involved in The War of Spanish Succession.

Why Utrecht is chosen? Because Utrecht was a neutral place and already somewhat liberal in views that time. They believed that the city could handle the conflicts between the opposite parties equally. The balance of power was created and on April 11, 1713 the first series of treaty was signed in Utrecht Town Hall.

The Peace of Utrecht showed the world that a war can be ended through a peaceful talk.


The city has prepared a whole year round activities to celebrate the tercentennial Peace of Utrecht.

It would be an exciting year to come and enjoy the beauty of this old city. I am glad I live here!

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I didn't know about these bits of history (Europe war) until now. Thanks for posting. I like the pictures on the post that followed. Beautiful Queen! :)