Monday, January 28, 2013

Historical Event of the Day

I just got home from work when my mother-in-law gave me a call that I have to watch the news on the television at 7 o'clock in the evening. She said I have to watch it, because it is good for my Dutch integration. I checked my email and I also saw a message from Honnepontjie about the Queen of Orange.

I immediately turned on the TV and set it on Ned 1, the channel which they were going to broadcast the nationwide speech of Queen Beatrix. I set also my videocam to record this great historical event. I love history and it is nice to witness this fantastic event.

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Koningin (Queen) Beatrix announced that she is abdicating the throne for her son. The successor to the throne is her eldest son, Prince Willem Alexander. Not only that, this year is also the 200 years anniversary of the monarchy in the Netherlands. It is a double celebration. The coronation will happen on 30 April, which is known as the Queen's Day.  This day will be one of the greatest historical events I will experience here and I am excited.

It was 123 years ago, since the Netherlands had a king. King Willem III was married to Queen Emma, which is the mother of Queen Wilhemina. King Willem III died early and Queen Wilhemina became a queen on her early age, but Queen Emma, her mother acted as a regent, until she turned 18. Queen Wilhemina handed the crown to her daughter, Queen Juliana. Queen Beatrix became the next queen after her mother. She is now 33 years in the throne.

Soon we will have a king after three generations. Next year we will not have a Queen's Day, but a King's Day. We have to get used to it and it will be celebrated on 27 April.

I only see the Queen and the other members of the Royal Family on TV. I wish I could see them in real, especially the Queen or the next successor, Prince Willem Alexander.

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Farida said...

It would really be awesome to see such personalities in person! I remembered my brief experience when I was in college year ago. I saw former President Fidel Ramos in Ateneo when I became the usherette for APAC. I even shook hands with him :)

How are you?