Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Visit to Lucban

Our mother wished to visit the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban, Quezon last year. She wanted to offer thanks for her successful recovery. It was precisely a year ago last 18 January.

The first time we visited the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine, it was not yet finished and that was way back 2004. Honnepontjie was also with me that time, when he first visited the Philippines.

Last year, during our vacation, we visited again the shrine and we were surprised, because it has changed a lot. The entrance road and the parking area are already cemented. There are many souvenir shops outside and inside the shrine. The church  and the resurrected Christ atop the hill are finished. The grotto became more beautiful and greener than before. There is a garden, where children can play and where adult visitors can rest and enjoy the lush green surroundings and shrines' peacefulness. Not very far to the garden is a big Noah's Ark, which is used as a retreat house or a place for religious gatherings.

The Kamay ni Hesus is founded by Rev. Fr. Joey Faller, a healing priest and a native of Lucban. The existence of this healing center was made possible by public donations. The shrine welcomes many visitors and devotees everyday. There are also frequently healing masses held in the shrine and many people from different parts of the Philippines come to witness the healing gift of Rev. Fr. Joey Faller.

During our visit, we told our mother that we would not climb up the grotto without her. Our mother just recovered from an operation and she dared not to climb up the hill. She is a brave woman, but she got phobias from what has happened to her. When she was already alright. We tried as much as possible to cast away her fears one by one.

My mother was holding my sister's hand tight. Her hand was sweating because of fear. But slowly step by step, she made it to the top! She conquered the grotto's 292 steps and we could hardly believe it, but we were all happy and proud of her. We asked her how come and she replied, "When I am with all of you, I can do everything. I become braver". It was a touching answer.

Thinking about our visit to the shrine. We fulfilled our mother's wish. I also saw two of the many important virtues we needed in our lives. Faith and Love.

Faith gives us hope and love makes us strong.


littleyana said...

Hi Kulengkleng (cute name, btw)This post is timely. we at the church plan to visit Kamay ni Hesus this Holyweek. I'm sure its a great place based from you. Is the entrance free?

Kulengkleng said...

Hallo! Yes! The entrance is free. You have to pay only the parking fee, if you have a car.

Lucban, Quezon is really a nice town. Try also to visit their old church in the town proper and don't miss to try their delicious specialties.

Thanks for dropping by. :-D