Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Ministeck and the Pixelhobby

Ministeck is a puzzle which everyone can enjoy. It is a toy for both young and old. This toy was invented 1965 in Germany by Hetmut Gottwald and it is still popular all over the world. Nowadays you can download a program to make your own pattern, like for example your own picture.

Ministeck is like doing a cross-stitch. The differences are that you use a plastic plate and not a cloth, not threads but plastic mosaic pieces, you don't need a needle but only your hands. But they both use a pattern. 

There is also a mini-variety of Ministeck and it is called Pixelhobby. They use both plastic mosaic pieces, but the only difference is the shape. Ministeck has different shapes, while Pixelhobby has only one shape. With Pixelhobby you use mini squared-plastic mosaic pieces.

You can buy the plate in different sizes...

...also the same with the Pixelhobby.

If I have to choose between the two.  I like to do more the the Pixelhobby. Because its mosaic pieces are finer than the Ministeck. See what I have made!

Nice gift idea!

They are both fun to do in leisure hours especially this cold season! I am looking forward to make a bigger one next time!


Farida said...

This is indeed a great way to keep yourself busy or even create some for giveaways. Are they reusable?

Enjoy your weekend :)

Kulengkleng said...

Yes! They are reusable. By ministeck you have to use a flat plastic stick (included in a kit) to remove the mosaic pieces. Removing the pieces by Pixelhobby is not so easy, because you can easily damage it. But if you are very careful, you can remove it also with a tweezer.