Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cafe Derat

It has been a long time since I visited this cafe. Without my father-in-law I would not have known this fantastic old school cafe. This is one of his favorites. Are you also amazed by its name? Why it is called Cafe "de Rat"?

According to its history, in 1895 this address was already known as a licensed victualler's shop and its name was "Smeetoren".

In 1978 when the new owner was cleaning the cellar, they have found a a fossilized rat. It is where they have derived the name of the cafe. Until now you can still find this fossilized rat, who gave this cafe a very successful name hanging on the wall of the cafe.

The owner decided to combine the words "de" and "rat" into Derat to make it sounds better.

This cafe is very unique. Where can you find somewhere else a cafe which prepares something delicious on Friday afternoons. We got a chance to taste the Goulash soup they have prepared. Lekkerrrrrr! I thought we had to pay for it, but it was free. This cafe has really an identity. Thumbs up!

Aside from assortments of special beer, whiskey and jenever on the list. You can also enjoy once in a month an evening with live music. If you are lucky you can also enjoy an evening with a poet.

Do you also like to visit this cafe?

Cafe Derat is located at Lange Smeestraat in Utrecht and opens daily 14:00 hours till midnight.

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