Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dose Galera

After our successful Batanes trip, we still had two weeks to enjoy our vacation in the Philippines. I bought travel maps of Bohol, Mindoro and Northern Luzon. But it was hard to choose from those three options. Thinking that we have to ride an airplane again for the third time in a month if we choose Bohol would be tiring and not really healthy. The Northern Luzon trip required more time on the road. So in the end we chose a weekend trip to Puerto Galera together with my family (except for my father).

Batangas Pier is one of the busiest pier that I have seen. I'm used to a busy public place, but it's still hard if you have a foreign family member with you. The fixers, the unpleasant facilities, and the bugging of the vendors are among the things that are quite disappointing every time you travel. I am relieved when we were already inside the pier waiting for the boat.

We arrived safe at the White Beach, Puerto Galera and I can't deny its beauty. There were also many tourists in the boat and in the island,  mostly were Korean, Japanese, American and other tourists from Europe. Some tourist went to the island to dive, others were to enjoy the beach and the nightlife.

Because it was a short trip, we just stayed in the island. We are less prepared on this trip as we did not organized this weekend. Observing the island and how commercialized it is, we thought that this destination does not belong on our revisit list. That is why we are very much in love with Batanes. We found peace and carefree in the island. Puerto Galera is the opposite of it, very much touristic.

We spent the day at the beach eating and drinking and walking along the seashore. My family enjoyed it more than us. But the thing I love about our weekend at the White Beach is watching the sunset with my family. Watching the sunset with my mother was the moment I cherished most. We our proud of our mother who has been sick last 2011 and has been able to recover with all God's glory.

Although this trip was not the same as our trip in Batanes, but enjoying the day with my family is the most priceless.


Farida said...

Being in the midst of family is certainly the best.. sayang though. Bohol is really a very beautiful location. Aside from the white beaches, there are many other tourist destinations you can go to. My family and I enjoyed our vacation there 2 years ago.

Take care :)

Kulengkleng said...

Yes, you're really right! My family went to Bohol two months ago and they got a very positive impression of the island and the Boholano.

I really like to go there on our next vacation!

Thanks for dropping by! Happy Sunday!