Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beware of Broken Controllers

Visiting the World City Berlin, Berlin Oh Berlin, Trip to Berlin these are titles from my entry about our experience in Berlin. The first time that I was about to publish it, I have accidentally deleted it and I did not have back-up files. Sorry for me. I rewrote it and after a few days I have luckily published it. Lesson learned. But I have to delete it last week, when I discovered that a heartless site: "Broken Controllers" has stole my content.

Broken Controllers is trying to hijack your blog traffic to boost their popularity in Google. I read also that there are many bloggers who have the same problem like me. For sure you better check your blog name via Google search and find out if someone steals your content.

If you are going to search for my link, please see thoroughly if the link is and not any other avonturologie as a blog name associated with a company or any other site.

I will write again soon (for the 3rd time) our Berlin experience.

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