Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ladies' Day Out

Two years ago a very good Pinay friend of mine had invited me to join her and her man to the Fashion Days event at the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. I was very curious what for event it was, so I said "Yes!".

The World Fashion Centre is one the largest mode business centre in the world and usually not open to the public. It has more than enough showrooms and many assortment of branded names / labels. Thanks to the Stichting Ondernemersbelangen Koningin Wilhelminaplein, the organizer of the Fashion Days, they made the WFC twice a year open to the masses.

Fashion Days is not a fashion show,  but a three-day shopping paradise for people who love fashion clothes for less. This event is held annually, in the beginning of spring and autumn. To be able to shop through it, you need an entrance ticket. The tickets are only available online. It costs 18 euro each, good for two editions tickets. You can make a reservation and choose a possible date that you can come.  It is not possible to make a reservation for only one edition ticket, the ticket is always good for two editions. Administrative cost is extra per reservation. Once they have received your payment, they will automatically send you the e-ticket to your given email address.

I should say this event is contagious to women. Whenever I see the stream of women in the whole atrium, I think about the commercial of Zalando, how women gone mad about shopping. I think 95 percent of the shoppers are women. So if you are a man, the chance is big that you spend more time waiting outside the store or drinking coffee in the restaurant while the ladies are busy clothes hunting.

If you will ask me which type of shoppers do I belong in? Well, I am not really into brand names unless the item is really discounted and the quality is good. I am more of a discount shopper, but yes, there is an exception sometimes. They say, "If you work, give yourself a reward. Enjoy it and be happy!".  I think about these phrases whenever I am holding something that I am really in love with. My heart always say "Yes, buy it. Come on! Give yourself a little pleasure!", but my mind answers back "No, don't! This is just a temporary happiness. Send it to your Nanay or you better save your money for a plane ticket going back to the Philippines." This is always my scenario. But I think not only mine. I think most of the Filipino immigrants and expats are always confronted with the same scenario.

With our every visit to this event, I can't help but notice things in my surrounding in contrast with the scenario that I told.
  1. Most of the (women) shoppers have travelling bags, big luggage, or wheeled grocery bags with them, so they can easily carry what they have bought. Free big plastic bags are also available.
  2. Most women are not ashamed to fit clothes openly. Who cares if someone sees them with only bras and thongs.
  3. Most women are panic buying. I wonder how many bucks they have in their wallet? Perhaps they have unlimited credit cards to buy dozen of clothes, shoes, and accessories.
The price range for clothes is from 10 euro up to 100 euro according to its brand name. You can buy the accessories from 1 euro up to 25 euro or more.

To name a few brand names present: Guess, Anna Scott, G-Star, Il Dolcis, Gaastra, Tommy Hilfiger, Super Dry, Mac, New Zealand Ltd., Fornarina, Ibana Rouge, Fris & Co, Dyrberg/Kern, Kookai, Maui & Sons and many others. You can also find Italian brand names and other designer stuffs. There are many items for all ages.

Getting hungry while shopping is not really a big deal during the Fashion Days, because there are two restaurants open inside the World Fashion Centre, but don't expect that it is cheap, it is also quite busy the whole day and usually with a long queue. You have two options: either you fall in line to order a meal in the restaurant or you bring something like snacks/lunch with you. Because you can sit everywhere you want to have a break. Most of the shoppers do the same. We just got the idea from them.

When we first went to the Fashion Days, we were only two, but now we are already four. We always enjoy our twice-a-year visit to this event and we always love the thrill of finding fabulous deals together. You might also want to try this crazy shopping madness with your friends at the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. You can book your ticket now at

Veel Plezier (Enjoy) !!!

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