Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pure Nature: Marsdijk 5

Love organic? Do you consider yourself as one of the environmentally conscious pips? Local products oriented? Or still on the way to embrace this new trend?

Because if you do? The Landwinkel Nieuw Slagmaat is one of my best suggestion. I have been here yesterday, but I have seen this old villa many times along the way while cycling.

Nieuw Slagmaat

I am very thankful that the level of environmental awareness of my family here in the Netherlands is great. They have influenced me more, which I should say not a wrong path. They are the one who told me about this eco-friendly store. My best-buddy, Irma has introduced it to me yesterday. They have been here a couple of times and now it's my turn.

The Nieuw Slagmaat farm is a typical Dutch homestead with a dog, cats and other farm animals, but this farm is big with an orchard and a wide green pasture. It is also special because they do farming in a very  environmental-friendly way. Although I have seen only yesterday the store in the barn, I am looking forward to see one day the orchard or to experience once the apple picking season.

Someone has bought yesterday a half cabbage. I smiled because I remember buying a half cabbage or chayote or a little piece of ginger in the sari-sari store in the Philippines. I miss it.

They have many dairy products, organic vegetables, fruits and meat, pure fruit juices, assorted cheeses, free-range eggs, home-made chocolates, jams, pastas, sauces, herbs and spices, and many more. These are local products not only from them, but also from other farmers in the area who have also the same good idea as them. Farmers who have an eye for quality and taste.

Pure and honest or so called "Fair Trade" products are on the latest trend here in the Netherlands. Completely adapting it, is still out of our budget. But every time there is a special offer in the supermarket / store, I choose to buy it. It is eco-friendly, you help other people from other land and you also support the small local entrepreneurs in the country. A bit environmentalism!

Lekker Puur Natuur
I paid about 9 euro for this groceries. The yoghurt is really delicious!

If ever you would like to visit the farm, it is located between Utrecht and Houten. It is more or less 2 kilometers away from Lunetten. Once you come to visit it, you can combine it with trekking through the  Kromme Rijn area or visit the nearby Fort Vechten and the Nieuw Wulven woods.



Farida said...

This is also getting famous here but it is very costly and I don't understand why.Though the benefits to one's health is really great! Have a great week ahead :)

orchid0324 said...

Hello, my new friend♬♬♬
I am not familiar with it (haha, obviously; I'm Japaese) But with my age, I have to think about me and my husband health.
Take Care and have a happy rest of the week(^_^)彡☆
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Kulengkleng said...

I merged two topics in one post. I questioned myself if all Fair Trade products are organic? I tried to search for the answer. Just when I thought all of them are organic, but not always. Before farmers be under the Fair Trade organisation, they must first fulfill certain requirements. So even though not all Fair Trade products are organic, you can be sure the these products are produced with limited use of chemicals.

Fair Trade products are expensive because the trading is expensive. The difference is when you buy Fair Trade products you help more the producer of the products to earn more profits and not the middlemen who usually earn more than the producers.

Thanks for dropping by, Farida and Miyako! :-)