Saturday, December 08, 2012

Het Meisje en de Dood (The Girl and the Death)

Yesterday, we had a very nice evening! We watched the film `The Girl and the Death´ (Het Meisje en de Dood) directed by Jos Stelling. I am a big fan of him and I have learned about him during my first visit here in the Netherlands. Jos Stelling is a very talented director.  He is not only a director, but also a very good screenwriter and film producer, plus, he is also the owner of the two special theaters in Utrecht - The Springhaver and Louis Hartloper Complex.

For me, the Springhaver and Louis Hartloper Complex are not just theaters.
I had beautiful bonding moments here during my holidays,
that is why these two are among my favorites.

His film is qualitative and very much recognizable with less dialogues, in other words `Actions speak louder that words'. Even a non-speaking Dutch can understand and follow his films. I have watched the films on DVD so as: `De Vliegende Hollander´ (The Flying Dutchman) and the `De Wisselwachter´  (The Pointsman), and `No Trains, No Planes´, which have given me a deep impression about his talent as a filmmaker. Last 2007 we watched also the film `Duska´ which is funny, but also a good film to watch.

I have never been to any cinemas in Utrecht, except for Louis Hartloper Complex.
So, I don´t have any idea how the other cinemas here look like.
Louis Hartloper Complex, Hall 3

The Girl and the Death (Het Meisje en de Dood) is a romance genre. The story tells about a Russian doctor who fell in love with a Dutch courtesan. It has a 19th century setting and emphasize materialism and wealth against endless love. The plot was though sad, because Elise died alone waiting for Nicolai to come back again, but I can say that the film has an appeasing ending, because Nicolai came back after decades later. In his come back to the abandoned hotel, he still met Elise´s soul waiting for him through decades. In the end Nicolai chose to lay down in rest in the room where Elise had waited for him.

Image - out the web.

The characters, the settings and the music coincide with each other. The ending gave me mixed emotions. Jos Stelling, another Pride of Utrecht, is a worthy winner of the `De Gouden Kalf´ trophy for the Best Film of the Year. Chapeau!


Beth said...

It's good to know you learned that you learned the language of Netherlands easily, based on your posts! I am having a hard time learning Arabic. :(

As for the theaters, they look classy.

Have a nice day, K! Thanks for dropping my blog and commenting. It's only now that I get to answer it. God bless! :)

Farida said...

May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter.

Blessed Christmas to you and your family! :)