Friday, December 28, 2012


Yesterday we found a book while eating kibbeling (fried Cod fillet in pieces) at Vishandel Volendam in Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht. Actually, my mother-in-law found it. But I read the message written on the front page of the book. It says "Ik ben niet kwijt. Ik ben een boek op reis!" (I am not lost. I am a traveling book.").

My mother-in-law handed it to me. I thought a while if I would accept it or not. I realized why not give the book a chance to introduce himself to me. It is a romance book wrote by Hugo Claus.

When I came home. I read again the message on the front page of the book. I checked out the bookcrossing website as it is stated in the message. This lucky book came from a girl in Zeist, Holland. Now, I am lucky to be the second temporary owner of this book.

Hugo Claus is a Belgian author. He was a poet, writer, painter and a film director. He suffered from Alzheimer disease and he requested to terminate his life through Euthanasia in 2008. 

The creator of aims to connect people through books. The book is passed from reader to reader by means of wild-releasing in public, swaps with other members of the website or a book ring. The book has a tracking number, so you can trace its journey.

The wild-releasing of the book in public is I think the most exciting form of handing book to other people. Once I am done reading this book, I will leave also this book somewhere and I hope someone will pick it up again and read. I am really curious!

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orchid0324 said...

Hello, Kulengkleng.
Thank you very much for your greeting, my friend♡♡♡ Wonderful to hear that your mother-in-law handed that boo and didn't know bout the site "Bookcrossing". Sounds fun♬♬♬
Wishing that your coming year 2013 will be happy and prosperous one for you and all of your family♡♡♡
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*