Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skipping Sunday

Every Sunday my brother- and mother-in-law go to our house for a "spelmiddag" (Playing games in the afternoon). It started about three months ago when we invited them to come over to play some games with us. Never thought it would be every week.

The "Saboteur" (Sabotage) card games, Yahtzee, and "Hartenjagen" are on the favorite list. Hartenjagen is a Dutch version of Game of Hearts. Honneponjie and his brother love playing cards and dices. They are both good and they are not just typical gamers. Aside from playing the normal game rules, they make also some expansions and own version of the games to make it more exciting and fun.

Two weeks ago, Saturday, there was a birthday party in the family, we decided to skip once our Sunday routine. I was happy to have a pause and thought at last I can do other things. Sunday would be a nice weather, so I like to take a walk in the woods. I asked my mother-in-law if she would like to come with me. She said yes, but she started also to ask the whole family. Coincidentally, only the four of us would like to go.  

Sunday, we biked all together to Amelisweerd. It was a very nice afternoon and it was not cold, just a perfect Autumn afternoon to take a deep breath outside and enjoy that last sunny days of the year. 

Here are some pictures I made: 

The first picture is the 100% organic kitchen of the Veldkeuken. They have delicious bread, soup, and cakes. The ingredients they are using in their kitchen are from the local organic farmers in the region. Definitely sipping a cup of coffee or tea before walking in the woods is comfy. 

Honnepontjie asked me once which of the four seasons I love most. I said I love them all, because each of them has always an extraordinary offer. I am happy and thankful to experience the four offers one at a time each year.

Aside from staring at the beautiful shades of red and green, finding animals (seldomly)  and mushrooms are among things I like to do in the woods.

Amelisweerd lies between the Municipality of Bunnik and Utrecht, adjacent to the Kromme Rijn river and other small forest called Rhijnauwen. While enjoying the walk in this beautiful landscape you can have a mini stop to the Theehuis (tea house)  Rhijnauwen and try their super delicious pancakes. The Stay Okay cafe located at the old Rhijnauwen's Gate is another option to choose from. I like this cafe, because it is green and its location is really perfect. Many people stop over here for a cup of coffee or tea no matter what the season is.

Our four some afternoon ended up by the Stay Okay cafe. Of course it was full and though it was cold there were still many people sitting outside. We got a sit inside and fortunately there were deck of playing cards on the table. The two boys stared at each other and I knew it already, "It's playtime!". They checked if the cards were complete. Funny but all the Jacks are missing. Mister Joker played the role of Mister Jack.

Does anyone collect a series of Jack cards as a souvenir?
The cups of hot chocolate milk and coffee warmed the rest of us while playing the game. It was already dark when we leave the cafe and headed back to our bicycles. I lost the game but I was really really happy and contented with my Sunday. We have walked in the woods and played game, we did not skip the Sunday as we expected.


Farida said...

Family is indeed love :) and I envy you for being able to enjoy places like what you've shared in your post. I live in an urban and congested jungle - far from the photos you've shown.

Take care :)

Kulengkleng said...

Good morning! Thanks for dropping by! :-)
I am lucky that I got a chance to live in another country. There are many beautiful places around me and how I wish I could share it with my loved ones in the Philippines.

Also take care and happy weekends!