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Kreadoe Expo 2012

Kreadoe Expo is held annually in Autumn at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. I have always wanted to go to this event, the reason is I am very curious what for new inspiration the expo can give me, aside from what I have at home. Last Friday I fulfilled my curiosity.

I bought weeks ago my entrance ticket at Pipoos, Utrecht. I was happy, I got 4 euro discount, the normal ticket costs 15.25 euro. I woke up just on time, though I worked on my Thursday evening shift. My excitement made me energetic.

The expo begun at 10:00 hours. Along the way I was not the only one with "Hobby Crafts Virus". There were plenty.  I love to see people having similar hobby as me.

They have occupied two halls of the building. When I came inside, I didn't know where to begin. I would like to see them all. I wondered if I have enough time to buy things I want and need. So I said to myself, "Keep  calm, think good, buy first what you needed, and then roam around.". I started with buying a Kreadoe Expo catalogue where I could see the list of expo participants and the stall map. The catalogue cost 2 euro, but you get  also plenty of discount coupons inside.

I looked first for the Pixelhobby, I was glad they were present. I tore the 10% coupon and set it aside. The Pergamano starter kit cost only 10 euro in exchange for coupon. An Edding pen was free by swapping the coupon to them. I saved also those two.

I went first to Edding stall which is just located in front of the Entrance Hall. They had free workshop. I pimped a Christmas ball using their products. It was a nice idea and I am convinced. I bought a set of pens, Christmas Edition for 10 euro. Guess what? When I came home, I found a 5 euro gift check in an envelope from Edding, because I bought their product. Nice surprise!

The Pixelhobby is located at the Hall 7, I walked further while enjoying the different stalls and workshops along the way. Some workshops had fees, some were for free. I did only the free one.

Making Christmas decoration with fake candle inside. I like the idea
and it is also easy to make.

Making glass beads
I found the Pixelhobby stall and I bought two Christmas patterns for +- 23 euro. I am satisfied with the patterns, but not with what I paid. I just realized at home that I paid more, though I had the coupon.

My third stop was by the Pergamano. I longed to buy this kit for years. The normal price of the starter kit in the store is +- 18 euro and now I have it for only 10 euro. But before I bought the kit, I sat first for the free workshop. I enjoyed it  a lot.  I am really in love with this technique, but it requires more patience and that is an ultimate test to myself.

Pergamano free workshop

I am done with my list. The next thing I did was: I roamed around looking for something interesting and fun. Something caught my eyes and it is called Olba Technique. I did their free workshop. The two women opposite to me were both kind, they guided me. This technique is really fun and easy and I think addictive. First I did not like to buy it, because it cost 20 euro. But so as the exhibitor said, it was already an expo price, so meaning, it was already cheap. "Don't be impulsive!",  I said to myself, better thought about it. I walked around and around and I diverted my attention to other things. But yes... I really like it. After weighing my enthusiasm,  in the end, before closing time, I went back and bought it. But now I don't have spite. I am satisfied with it. It is really adorable.

Olba technique workshop
Aside from this major purchases, I saw also some adorable craft accessories and a paper distress. The paper distress by Pipoos costs 7.95 euro, by the expo I had it only for 5.95 euro. I am lucky.

Below are some photos I made while wandering around the expo. I know it was not good to skip meal the whole day, but I totally forgot it. I was busy looking around.

Decorating Christmas balls 

Christmas cards

You can open it!

Caution: this is not edible!

Decorating a a fake candle. :-)
When I got home, just when I thought I spent much, Honnepontjie is still surprised that I didn't buy so many. I am also surprised with what he said and I asked myself, did I not buy much?

This is my first Kreado Expo and I got a very nice experience and new bright ideas. I'm happy and now I am enjoying what I bought!

See you next Autumn Kreadoebeurs! 

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