Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pure Nature: Marsdijk 5

Love organic? Do you consider yourself as one of the environmentally conscious pips? Local products oriented? Or still on the way to embrace this new trend?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Vrijdagmarkt Bilthoven

"Goedendag, Mevrouw! Ga je mee naar de markt?" (Good Day, Madame! Are you going to join us to the market?) , these are the questions of my father-in-law when it's going to be Friday.

My answer is "Yes!", when the weather is fine (especially when it's not raining), when we don't have anymore potatoes in the house, and of course if I have rest day from my work.

It is not just an ordinary friday, when we go to the market.  For me it is a "day out" with my parents-in-law. I like cycling with them and make fun. From their house we have to ride about 6 kilometers to Bilthoven. 

Dutch have a nice market place. Not just an ordinary "Palengke" in the Philippines or in any other land in Asia. One thing that makes them different from Asian market is that you are not going to find fishes still swimming in a flat basin, waiting for their awaited death. For them it is cruelty to animals. They have a law that protects the animal rights. Vendors are not allowed to sell alive fishes in the market. All fishes they are selling in the market are already frozen, yet they called it fresh.